Take on Something Huge

illuminatedheart1Nothing gets done unless we intend it to. We can say “Yes, I’ll do it” without having any intention of doing it and – guess what? – it doesn’t get done.

Moreover, the larger the overall goal the more likely and the sooner the interim goal gets done.

If I want to be free of my constructed self, then I don’t set myself the goal of being free of my constructed self; instead I set myself a goal so large that being free of my constructed self becomes an interim goal that I whistle through on my way to the final destination.

It seems to be a feature of how human beings unconsciously operate that work expands to fill the space available, as Lawrence Peter said. Therefore, give the goal as little space as possible by taking on something huge.

Like a world that works.

Or unconditional love.

… It seems to me they’re the same.


I am Complete

Tree of Life 55I let go of all resistance to life.

I am complete. And because I am complete, I am calm, confident and certain.

Every step I take is a step closer to God. The One returns to the One.  Many Ones return to the One.

I am calmness.

I am serenity.

I am gentleness.

I am complete.


Resist, Resent, Revenge

energyThere are so many dark strategies we have to foment conflict. The est Network characterized one of them as resist, resent, revenge. Oh, my gosh, that captures it for me.

Eric Byrne wrote a whole book about other strategies: Games People Play. There are books on how to win at office politics, Erving Goffman’s dramaturgical analyses, (1) on and on.

But resist, resent, revenge is so big as to be head and shoulders above the rest in its conflict-producing impact.

(1) Resist

To refuse to cooperate. To deny one’s help and assistance to. To leave the team.  To take one’s bat and ball and go home.  To work towards or ensure the defeat, loss, or failure of another.

(2) Resent

One of the first self-inflicted wounds associated with this strategy.  To remember what’s considered to be a slight or injury and to treat with another, through time, by resorting to (1, above).  To carry enmity forward. To take things to such lengths that cooperation breaks down, over time. To never forget an injury.

(3) Revenge

The second self-inflicted wound associated with this strategy. To get even, to teach a person a lesson, to cut the other person down to size or see to the foiling of their plans.

This is the programmatic response to conflict by people who have set aside caring and cooperation.  This is a behavior pattern that’s been conditioned into us and now must be let go of, wholly. It cannot go with us into our future. Nothing that is not of love can.


(1) Presentation of Self in Everyday Life for instance.

The Day I Stopped Caring

UntitledIf the basic success factor in lightworkers building Nova Earth is cooperation, and the essence of cooperation is caring, when did I stop caring that I don’t give a hoot, at times, for cooperation?

I vividly remember saying “I don’t care any more.” Was it the day Mom died?

Was it the day Dad kicked me under the table?

The day he hit her and she crumpled to the floor?

It happened way before I entered my first relationship.  None of them left me feeling that way.

No, it was a basic betrayal in the family and it seems to be associated with Dad.

I stopped caring. My mantra after that was “I don’t care.” Fatal bloody mantra that was.

So now I need to start my caring engine, my purring motor again.  It’s completely dead.

There’s nothing like starting from zero.

All of these issues are coming up because we’ve agreed to build Nova Earth and to do that we have to be beyond our core issues, root vasanas, and false grids.

Conflict Resolution is Job One

cropped-mystical-tree.jpgI’ve seen so many lightworker organizations, coalitions and even friendships fall apart because they lacked the conflict-resolution tools to transcend disagreements when they occurred.

I myself am often viewed as too intense, bullyish, coming on too strong, etc. I have a warrior’s energy and it’s not in this year’s top ten desirable traits. In a war it would be, but not in times of peace.

So even though I’m dragging my shadow side along with me, kicking and screaming, I do acknowledge that we need conflict-resolution tools before anything else I can think of, save organizing as lightworkers.

I can see pieces of an approach to conflict resolution. Non-violent communication, Perro, neutral language are three cuts at the same thing: non-conflictual communication.

The enshrinement of “fairness” as a standard into every law of the land and the reformation of the judiciary to administer fair laws fairly needs to occur.

Mediators, adjudicators, conciliators, ambassadors join the judges as public resources in conflict that boils over.

Classes in caring and cooperation may be needed for the wounded warrior, and I don’t mean simply physical wounding.  Triaging and healing therapies for all of us, who’ve been warriors of peace for lifetimes, are probably in order.

That’s as far as I can see. I assert that conflict resolution is job one.

Commit to Heart Now

City of the Future 334Someone might ask themselves how can we build Nova Earth without resources?

We can plan. The resources will be made available, eventually. But we can use the interim to plan.

We may not have time later.

What do we need to plan? Our organizational structure if we propose to do any lightwork of an organized nature. Where we’ll be situated – Home? Office? Hub? Satellite? Inner City? Burbs?

Our own organizational process – Financial? Educational? Relief? Inspirational?

Our own organizational resources – Friends? Hires? Volunteers? At what wages? The sky’s the limit? How does one assess wages in a Fifth-Dimensional way?

On and on the questions will come and unless we’re prepared with some talents, some skills that we’ve developed that we can apply to the situation, we could be swept away.

One person knows non-violent communication. Another knows how to source a vasana. A third knows how to do a balance sheet. Everyone of us will be called upon to draw on whatever skills she or he has.

And what is essential to the whole thing working is … cooperation.

And what is essential to cooperation is … caring.

This sounds so basic, so trite. But we won’t remember any of this once the starting bell rings.

We have to learn it and commit it to heart now.



Rediscovering My Bliss

Mystical 392I’ve lost touch with my bliss. Until now I thought that my bliss lay in busyness. And I’ve been very rajasic or active, super Type A.

But, if that was my bliss, it no longer is. I see that my bliss now lies in cultivating a quiet mind.

I want a quiet mind. I seek detachment from all worldly desires. Not the non-use of worldly articles, but the use of them from a place of detachment from desire.

The Middle Way in all things appeals to me because it’s in the center that the quiet mind is found.

On the peripheries of excess and extremism, desire rules everything. But in the middle, in the center, the desiring mind is still and quiet.

In that quiet mind, that still pool, that windless place can I find myself.

The only thing worth recording if one is seeking a quiet mind is how one transcended the obstacles.

There probably is very little to say once the mind is quiet and the Real is discerned.