Only a Step

Nova Earth 2398My beloved guide said the other day that forgiveness was a step along the path. We go beyond forgiveness when we drop all our resentments and have no further issues.

In the same way, the love of a man for a woman, or vice versa, or the same gender for itself, is similarly only a step along the path.

I’m not meaning to offend anyone. I mean this as a study of what’s accurate and not accurate, not of what “should” or “shouldn’t” be.

What we seek from another person cannot be gotten from that person. I think that’s an accurate statement. It can only be gotten from love itself.

And I think there’s no substitute for each of us experiencing the kind of transformative, unconditional love I’m relating to. It cannot be conveyed to another or wrapped up and delivered. We each have to find it and experience it for ourselves.

But that transformative love contains within it every feeling I associate, for example, with love for a woman. It receives and conveys the sexual. It receives and conveys the intimate, the fondness, the personal.

I’m in love with love. I’m worse than bitten. I’ve been devoured.

Love is what I’ve always been seeking, without knowing it. I’d never have guessed a year ago that love was what I was looking for. Even peace is within it.

Love contains within it everything else. I’m sure of it.

Once marry love and you’ll never want for anything else. That’s how it shows up for me now.