I Believe in Love

cropped-mystical-392.jpgI’m certain that love is the answer to all our problems. Love has to become better known to our world. We have to make friends with it instead of misunderstanding it and misusing it.

The heart of every person is a volcano of love. A Krakatoa in the beginning but then a Mauna Loa, sending forth a volcanic cloud that incinerates illusion.

Love is transformative. That’s implied in saying that it dissolves all knots in consciousness.  It’s a solvent of illusion and ignorance. Just as awareness is.

I am myself the volcano. I am master and commander of my own volcanic heart. On my inbreath I take in streams of love from the centre of existence and on my outbreath I breathe that love out into the world in a flow that dissolves illusion and ignorance and makes space for … more love.

If love were to dissolve all there is, all would return to love.  Of love there is no end. Everything else is, in the end, impermanent.

I not only believe in love. I am love in love with itself.

All that is subjective in me directs all that is lingeringly objective in me to love love. Until nothing objective remains.