You Can’t Have One Without the Other

Mystical 392What’s the difference between universal love and unitive consciousness?

Ahhhh, no difference, right?

I can’t imagine a person loving everyone and not feeling at one with them.

I can’t imagine a person feeling at one with everyone and not loving them.

But that’s not to overlook the obvious fact that unity and love go together. The more united we become, the more loving we become. The more loving we become, the more united we become. The two seem to be symbiotic.

And the trend of their symbiosis is ever more towards the One who is all Love.

How tempting it is to make up some male/female analogy – the male wanting to unite and the female wanting to  love.

Why not? Isn’t that how all the teaching devices were shaped, such as seeing God as having become Father and Mother? The Mother birthing the universe? The Father implanting his seed (the Self, the Atman, the Christ) in the Mother’s womb?

Are Jesus’ parables not all teaching devices – landlords, servants, fathers, children? So why not a male wanting to unite and a female wanting to love?

At times when I feel the most umbrageous love that I’m capable of, “I” am completely lost in it. And everyone else becomes lost to me too in any kind of culturally-meaningful way. Those are the times I come closest to realizing our unity.

But being a lone wolf, unity doesn’t come easily to me. I may concentrate on universal loving and meet the unitive people a little further down the road.

You can’t have one without the other but you can choose which to start with.

I think I choose universal loving.