Take on Something Huge

illuminatedheart1Nothing gets done unless we intend it to. We can say “Yes, I’ll do it” without having any intention of doing it and – guess what? – it doesn’t get done.

Moreover, the larger the overall goal the more likely and the sooner the interim goal gets done.

If I want to be free of my constructed self, then I don’t set myself the goal of being free of my constructed self; instead I set myself a goal so large that being free of my constructed self becomes an interim goal that I whistle through on my way to the final destination.

It seems to be a feature of how human beings unconsciously operate that work expands to fill the space available, as Lawrence Peter said. Therefore, give the goal as little space as possible by taking on something huge.

Like a world that works.

Or unconditional love.

… It seems to me they’re the same.