Either the Object or the Barrier

perception-collageWhenever one opts for a big project, no matter what it is, one gets either progress or an obstacle.

And at the time that one opts for it, usually what one gets is the obstacle.

In an Enlightenment Intensive, one sets out to answer the question “Who am I?” and one either gets a realization or the barrier.

Only very, very seldom does one get a realization. Usually one gets a barrier and that may continue through the whole of the course. To be sure, we go away with fewer barriers but full-blown realizations are somewhat rare.

When one finally decides to go for unconditional love or an end to hunger on the planet, one is almost immediately beset with the obstacles.

I personally am committed to being in unconditional love permanently and, immediately upon saying that, an osbtacle to being there arises.

The obstacle is a behavioral reaction pattern I’ll call, after Werner Erhard, “resist, resent, revenge.” It’s a protective device and what it says about me is that I protect myself when I feel under attack, about to be hurt or harmed, etc.

It’s purely a pattern I picked up from my father, who picked it up from his father, etc.

Once through resist, resent, revenge, I’m sure I’ll watch another pattern arise.

Oh, look. Here’s a feeling of belligerence towards others, defending my quiet space from invaders, flashing “leave me alone” to the world. My “edge.”

The hope is that eventually all patterns will be experienced to completion and released. Or given to the Divine Mother directly and incinerated. Or torched with St. Gemaine’s violet flame. Whatever works to allow us to walk out of a jail of our own making.

I’d then be left in the space and peace of unconditional love with no further obstacles. That’s the plan.

One can think of this process as”purification,” polishing Plotinus’ statue, touching ultimate emptiness, etc.