The Day I Stopped Caring

UntitledIf the basic success factor in lightworkers building Nova Earth is cooperation, and the essence of cooperation is caring, when did I stop caring that I don’t give a hoot, at times, for cooperation?

I vividly remember saying “I don’t care any more.” Was it the day Mom died?

Was it the day Dad kicked me under the table?

The day he hit her and she crumpled to the floor?

It happened way before I entered my first relationship.  None of them left me feeling that way.

No, it was a basic betrayal in the family and it seems to be associated with Dad.

I stopped caring. My mantra after that was “I don’t care.” Fatal bloody mantra that was.

So now I need to start my caring engine, my purring motor again.  It’s completely dead.

There’s nothing like starting from zero.

All of these issues are coming up because we’ve agreed to build Nova Earth and to do that we have to be beyond our core issues, root vasanas, and false grids.