Conflict Resolution is Job One

cropped-mystical-tree.jpgI’ve seen so many lightworker organizations, coalitions and even friendships fall apart because they lacked the conflict-resolution tools to transcend disagreements when they occurred.

I myself am often viewed as too intense, bullyish, coming on too strong, etc. I have a warrior’s energy and it’s not in this year’s top ten desirable traits. In a war it would be, but not in times of peace.

So even though I’m dragging my shadow side along with me, kicking and screaming, I do acknowledge that we need conflict-resolution tools before anything else I can think of, save organizing as lightworkers.

I can see pieces of an approach to conflict resolution. Non-violent communication, Perro, neutral language are three cuts at the same thing: non-conflictual communication.

The enshrinement of “fairness” as a standard into every law of the land and the reformation of the judiciary to administer fair laws fairly needs to occur.

Mediators, adjudicators, conciliators, ambassadors join the judges as public resources in conflict that boils over.

Classes in caring and cooperation may be needed for the wounded warrior, and I don’t mean simply physical wounding.  Triaging and healing therapies for all of us, who’ve been warriors of peace for lifetimes, are probably in order.

That’s as far as I can see. I assert that conflict resolution is job one.