Commit to Heart Now

City of the Future 334Someone might ask themselves how can we build Nova Earth without resources?

We can plan. The resources will be made available, eventually. But we can use the interim to plan.

We may not have time later.

What do we need to plan? Our organizational structure if we propose to do any lightwork of an organized nature. Where we’ll be situated – Home? Office? Hub? Satellite? Inner City? Burbs?

Our own organizational process – Financial? Educational? Relief? Inspirational?

Our own organizational resources – Friends? Hires? Volunteers? At what wages? The sky’s the limit? How does one assess wages in a Fifth-Dimensional way?

On and on the questions will come and unless we’re prepared with some talents, some skills that we’ve developed that we can apply to the situation, we could be swept away.

One person knows non-violent communication. Another knows how to source a vasana. A third knows how to do a balance sheet. Everyone of us will be called upon to draw on whatever skills she or he has.

And what is essential to the whole thing working is … cooperation.

And what is essential to cooperation is … caring.

This sounds so basic, so trite. But we won’t remember any of this once the starting bell rings.

We have to learn it and commit it to heart now.