Rediscovering My Bliss

Mystical 392I’ve lost touch with my bliss. Until now I thought that my bliss lay in busyness. And I’ve been very rajasic or active, super Type A.

But, if that was my bliss, it no longer is. I see that my bliss now lies in cultivating a quiet mind.

I want a quiet mind. I seek detachment from all worldly desires. Not the non-use of worldly articles, but the use of them from a place of detachment from desire.

The Middle Way in all things appeals to me because it’s in the center that the quiet mind is found.

On the peripheries of excess and extremism, desire rules everything. But in the middle, in the center, the desiring mind is still and quiet.

In that quiet mind, that still pool, that windless place can I find myself.

The only thing worth recording if one is seeking a quiet mind is how one transcended the obstacles.

There probably is very little to say once the mind is quiet and the Real is discerned.