Forgiveness not Needed; Issues Melted Away

cropped-sacred-15.jpgI forgave everyone in my life this evening.

I initially tried just forgiving everyone outright and I got a so-so result.

Then I chose to see the issues I had like so many arrow wounds in my body.

I did a meditation in which I removed every arrow, each one representing one wound. I asked Archangel Michael to help me remove them. I ran my awareness over all parts of my body to see they were all gone.

And finally there was only one more spot where an arrow remained. That was my heart.

And the arrow in my heart was as big as a harpoon.

I had to work to pry that arrow loose.

I asked Archangel Michael to remove it and he used instruments made of love and light to do it. Then I asked St. Germaine to use his violet flame to heal the wound.

I feel totally recovered at this moment. I haven’t felt this way for as long as I can remember.

I see that memories of fresh wounds continue to arise and I remove the arrows as fast as I can locate them.

Before it was hard to forgive people in an outright way. But now all issues have melted away and nothing remains to forgive.